Keyboard playing

Master the basics of keyboard techniques

Number of Sessions: 48

Master the basics of keyboard techniques.
Improve your performance, your harmonic vocabulary, your composition and your arranging skills.

Small brief of the syllabus:

By the end of this course you will be able to:

– Understand how to read notes (treble and bass clef) and play simple melodies
– Understand accidentals and play the black keys on the keyboard
– Play bass and chords with your left hand
– Add multiple chords to your playing
– Build up your knowledge of Arabic scales (MAQAM) and accompaniment (IKAA)
– Perform many styles (SAIDI, Katakoufti, Maqsoum…)
– Improvise well phrased solos
– Imitate the acoustic instruments (Mizmar, Kanoun) on the keyboard with the right articulations