1. Keyboard Fundamentals
– Review of basic keyboard techniques
– Introduction to finger technique and pitch bend for emulating acoustic instruments
– Understanding key signatures and scales
– Understanding chord progressions

2. Sound Design
– Introduction to sound synthesis techniques
– Understanding different types of synthesizers (analog, digital, virtual)
– Creating and editing sounds using synthesizers
– Sampling techniques and using samples in sound design

3. Contemporary Music Production
– Introduction to modern music production techniques
– Understanding different music genres and their characteristics
– Creating beats and rhythms for different genres
– Understanding song structures and arranging techniques

4. Playing in a Band
– Understanding the role of keyboards in a band
– Playing with other musicians
– Improvisation techniques
– Preparing for live performances

5. Occidental and Oriental Instruments
– Understanding the differences between occidental and oriental instruments
– Emulating oriental instruments using keyboards
– Combining oriental and occidental instruments in music production

6. Advanced Sound Design Techniques
– Advanced synthesis techniques
– Creating soundscapes and atmospheric sounds
– Using effects processors to create unique sounds

7. Final Project
– Applying the concepts learned in the course to create an original piece of music
– Students will create their own sounds, rhythms and arrangements using keyboards and music software
– Final project will include a live performance of the music created