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Certification recognized by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education

The international academy of Arts and Technology helps students find their path to careers in Music (Oriental, Electronic…) production, Music business and performance, Keyboard playing, Live sound production, Studio audio production, Sound design, Media and film production, Photography and video production, DJ and a wide range of other fields.

Our innovative curriculum—developed with design and business leaders—sets the pace for rapidly changing industry trends. Taught by business-experienced artists, you’ll hone your abilities and sharpen your sense.

You’ll master the arts of research, collaboration, innovation, and experimentation. And you’ll acquire the skills you need to succeed. IAAT’s real-world education will take you from the classroom to a professional career!

Our courses

Become a truly great producer. This is the most comprehensive course of study, focusing on every aspect of music production from the technology, software and hardware to the music theory necessary to arrange and compose great music.

Start composing and recording your oriental music at home and learn about the latest techniques in oriental music production.

In this course, students will work with audio, MIDI and VSTi’s to create an original piece of Arabic music containing loops, samples and recordings of a live performance.

This course covers the information you need to understand how to create several types of EDM genres using your favorite DAW software. You will be able to create tracks similar to successful and famous artists like Afrojack, Avicii, Martin Garrix and many more.

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Learn how to DJ like a Pro… This course will offer you a step by step DJ training in Electronic Music, whether your genre of preference is House, Techno, Trance, Drum n Bass; This course is an A to Z guide, covering must know basics, intermediate level, and advanced tips and tricks.

EDM DJ School will make your journey of becoming a DJ, as simple and effective as possible.

This course is an in-depth understanding of the Live Sound reinforcement process.

It starts with the basics of Analog and Digital Audio and leads you thru the world of Microphones, Loud speakers, Equalizers, Filters, Dynamic processors…

This course is an in-depth understanding of the complete Studio Audio Production process.

It will take you thru the theoretical and operational aspects of this field while focusing on the smallest details.
You will learn the theory of Analog and Digital audio as well as everything about Equalizers, Dynamic Processors, Effects, DAWs and Meters.

If you’re looking for an in-depth understanding in both the analysis and production of sound for linear media, this course is your perfect key.

The purpose of this basic course is to be able to control your camera, hence being able to take technically nice pictures. on top of that it is a basic course that prepares you to take on photography as a profession. This course is aimed to serious wannabe professional photographers.

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Learn to sing, dance or perform any music instrument

Courses include:

Introduction to Arts
Vocal or instrument
Drama or dance

Master the basics of keyboard techniques.

Improve your performance, your harmonic vocabulary, your composition and your arranging skills.

Committing to Art and Technology is a big decision. If you’re going to do it, do it properly!

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Courses in Arts & Technology are designed to give you a solid foundation!

IAAT courses are designed to give you a solid foundation!

Our focus is on training for a career!

Therefore we emphasize the commercial and portrait skills. Give us a call if you are Interested in receiving more information about our programs: +961 71 003 005

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