Course Description:
This practical course introduces students to techniques and representative works in music, theater-acting, and dance. Students develop skills and learn about all the art forms practically and theoretically. The course is designed to enhance students’ creativity in discovering the fields of music, theater-acting, and dance.

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Music
– History of music
– Music theory and notation
– Introduction to vocal and instrumental performance
– Basic techniques for singing and playing instruments

2. Applied Music: Vocal and Instrumental
– Introduction to classical &/or modern singing and/or instruments
– Healthy and solid vocal technique
– Physical awareness, vocal exercises, and musical preparation
– Learning a song in all its aspects: rhythm, style, diction
– Connecting vocals and instrument to breathing

3. Theater-Acting
– Introduction to acting
– Basic acting techniques
– Improvisation exercises
– Script analysis and character development
– Scene work and performance

4. Dance
– Introduction to dance
– Basic dance techniques
– Choreography and movement analysis
– Improvisation exercises
– Performance

5. Performance
– Practice performing in front of others
– Developing stage presence and confidence
– How to perform as a solo artist and as part of a group
– Understanding the concept of playing live
– How to play in a band

6. Critique and Analysis
– How to form constructive criticism about any work of art
– Written and oral analysis of performances
– Written project related to a big performed project

7. Final Project
– Students will develop and perform their own original piece that showcases their skills in music, theater-acting, and dance.

– Regular class attendance and participation
– Completion of all assignments and exercises
– Oral presentations and critiques
– Final project performance and written project report

This course is intended to provide students with a well-rounded education in music, theater-acting, and dance. By the end of the course, students will have developed a solid foundation in these fields and be equipped to pursue further studies or to perform on stage or in other venues. Upon successful completion of the Performance Arts and Music course, students will receive a certificate that recognizes their achievements in the program. This certificate will specify the instruments they have learned to play and their level of proficiency, as well as their demonstrated skills in theater, acting, and dancing. Graduates will be able to showcase their talents and skills with confidence, knowing that they have received a well-rounded education in the performing arts.