You will learn the theory of Analog and Digital audio as well as everything about Equalizers, Dynamic Processors, Effects, DAWs and Meters.
You will Record, edit, Mix and Master many Songs from different styles in order to widen your perspectives in mixing and mastering.
All of this will take place at the IAAT Studios with the latest technologies.

Small brief of the syllabus:

–Introduction to Analog Audio Signal: (Signal Types, Crest Factor, dB Concept, Acoustic to electrical Signals, Main parameters, Sound quality, the Ear, Equal loudness contours, Time and Frequency Weighting….).
–Digital Audio Signal: (A/D conversion (The concept: Wave—Sampling—Quantization—Binary Values), The Sound Card (Role, Concept, Physical Inputs & Outputs (Type of connectors)), The Audio Drivers.
–The Mixer: (Analog, Digital and Software based Mixers).
–Microphones: Dynamic Microphones, Condenser Microphones, Specifications, Stereophonic Couples (XY, AB, MS), examples of Mic positioning for Musical Instruments.
–Editing: on Cubase or Protools.
–Mixing: Leveling, Metering, Equalizing, Filtering, Inserting Dynamic Processors, Adding Effects.
–Mastering: (Software Based).