Offer Accredited Degrees

As an approved teacher on our platform, you have the unique opportunity to provide students with accredited degrees that hold the seal of approval from the Lebanese Ministry of Education. This distinction sets your teaching apart and offers students a valuable qualification that holds weight within the music industry and educational institutions.

By offering accredited degrees, you empower your students with a recognized credential that not only showcases their musical achievements but also opens doors to future opportunities. Whether they aspire to pursue higher education in music, audition for prestigious ensembles, or embark on a professional music career, the accredited degree they receive under your guidance gives them a competitive edge and validates their dedication and skills.

We ensure that the degrees provided by our approved teachers meet the rigorous standards set by the Lebanese Ministry of Education. By adhering to these standards, you contribute to the overall quality of music education in Lebanon, playing a vital role in shaping the future of aspiring musicians.

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