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The International Academy of Arts and Technology is a premier institution that guides students towards successful careers in music production, business, performance, keyboard playing, sound production, design, media and film production, photography, video production, and more. Combining high-level creative insight with hands-on learning, this academy cultivates passionate artists into accomplished professionals. Discover your path to artistic excellence and join a vibrant community where imagination takes root and dreams become reality.

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Discover new opportunities and expand your reach as a music teacher with our platform. Join our community of approved teachers and gain access to students seeking quality education. By becoming part of our platform, you can provide a degree that is approved by the Lebanese Ministry of Education, giving your students the assurance of a recognized qualification upon completion of their studies.

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Are you passionate about music and eager to learn from skilled professionals? Our platform connects you with a diverse range of approved teachers who can guide you on your musical journey. Explore our list of qualified instructors, browse their profiles, and find the ideal teacher who can help you earn a degree that is approved by the Lebanese Ministry of Education.