Jihad Akl is a prominent Lebanese musician, celebrated for his remarkable talents as a violinist and composer. With a diverse discography that encompasses several albums and singles, his music is easily accessible to a global audience through platforms like Apple Music and Last.fm.

Some of his standout tracks, including “Aatab,” “Hot Chocolate,” “Shiraz,” and “Mon Amour,” showcase his versatility and innovation as a musician.

Jihad Akl’s distinctive style merges traditional and contemporary elements, contributing significantly to the rich tapestry of the Lebanese music scene. Additionally, his violin covers, notably his rendition of “Dance Monkey,” have garnered praise and admiration from music enthusiasts worldwide. It is crucial to emphasize that Jihad Akl is a distinct figure in the world of music.

In addition to his own musical creations and covers, Jihad Akl also imparts his knowledge and expertise to aspiring musicians as a violin teacher. His dedication to both music creation and education underscores his influential presence in the Lebanese music landscape.