Nadine Nassif, an IAAT-certified Music Performer, is a Lebanese opera singer, soprano, and co-owner of NJ Music Center. She has a wide range of experience in the music industry and has released several albums and singles. Nadine Nassif is highly regarded in the Lebanese music scene and has performed in various concerts and events.

She is the founder of VOICE by Nadine Nassif, where she teaches students how to sing professionally.

Nadine Nassif is also the creator of Bel Canto Choir, which was established in 2020 and features advanced students from VOICE by Nadine Nassif.

The choir has performed in various concerts, including one at The National Museum of Beirut. Nadine Nassif’s music is available on various platforms, including YouTube and Instagram. She is a talented musician and a visionary leader who is committed to nurturing talent and promoting excellence in the music industry.