Rita Eid is a highly accomplished multifaceted professional with a diverse range of experience in the fields of arts, technology, acoustics, and audio industries.

She is the Manager of the International Academy of Arts and Technology (IAAT), where she is responsible for managing programs related to arts and technology certified by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Rita is also a co-shareholder of KAROFU, a Cypriot company specializing in acoustics and AV solutions.

Additionally, she serves as an Administrator at The Music Home, a retail establishment for professional audio equipment.

Her leadership at IAAT fosters a creative and inclusive learning environment, while her involvement in KAROFU and The Music Home showcases her dedication to innovative technologies and professional audio solutions. Rita’s diverse career is a testament to her commitment to education and the advancement of cutting-edge audio-visual technologies.

Rita’s expertise in music technology solutions and acoustic consultancy for classrooms, recording studios, and other settings is highly sought after, and she is committed to providing high-quality services to her clients.